Our Island Home is a new initiative from Rural Housing Scotland to provide a housing information, advice and development service for island communities in the Hebrides.

Our Island Home aims to help young people remain in Scottish island communities through helping them establish independent homes. It will achieve this through providing support to self-build, development by island community trusts, the development of an affordable island house kit, housing options advice and by working to increase awareness of island housing needs.

Our Island Home is supported by the Prince’s Countryside Fund.

The project aims are:

To build or renovate at least 20 houses across 5 islands.
To provide housing support to 140 young households.
To develop a web based Island housing guide for Y – highlighting affordable housing options; and grants and loans information
To develop an affordable island starter house to help young people to build their own home cheaply and easily.
Rural Housing Scotland  will work with islanders, architects, planners and builders to develop a product that can be affordably shipped and built (or self built)
To set up an islands housing network to enable islanders to learn from each other about tried and tested solutions to island housing issues.

The project builds on the approach Rural Housing Scotland has developed; supporting self-build housing, helping land acquisition, securing public and private funding and developing workshop homes. The project has a network of local partners across the Hebrides with whom  Rural Housing Scotland will be working


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