Eriskay Beach

The Isle of Eriskay lies between South Uist and Barra in the Outer Hebrides and it’s name comes from the Old Norse for  “Eric’s Isle”. Eriskay is connected to South Uist by a causeway that opened in 2001. A Calmac car ferry travels between Eriskay and Ardmore on Barra.

The small island is well-known, it is associated with the Eriskay Pony, the Eriskay jersey, which is made with no seams, as well as the traditional song, Eriskay Love Lilt. In 1985,  Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited  Eriskay during their tour of the Western Isles.

In 1979, the local shop and Post Office on Eriskay was threatened with closure when the shopkeeper retired. The local community came together raised funds to start a cooperative in order to build a new shop and start trading.

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Hebridean Housing Partnership manages the social housing stock on the Isle of Eriskay. It is a not-for-profit housing association that manages over 2000 properties in the Western Isles. If you would like more information on HHP and social housing on Eriskay, or you are looking for a housing application form, please visit their website.

Current HHP housing stock on Eriskay (Population: 143)

Registered Social Landlord: HHP

No. of 2 bedroom homes: 1

No. of 4 bedroom + homes: 8

Total: 9


Any house plots available on Eriskay are listed here, here and at the Estate Agent links below.


Most housing on Eriskay is privately owned. There are a limited number of houses sold every year and there is often strong demand increasing local house prices.

The Scottish Government promotes initiatives to help first time buyers, but some like the Help to Buy scheme and the MI New Home initiatives are mainly available for new build housing in locations outside of the Hebrides.

Open Market LIFT may be accessible, however access to financial support is currently limited and house price thresholds are low. In Eriskay, the low threshold means there are few if any houses coming on the market where Open Market LIFT would be relevant. Many islands also have few house sales limiting this option – it is not available for self build.

Islanders may also be able to get help to buy through the Mortgage Guarantee Scheme

Information on properties available for rent and sale can be found at the following locations:

Hebridean Estate Agency | Western Isles Properties | Gumtree Rightmove |



“The Local Housing Agency”