Membership of Rural Housing Scotland is open to anyone who is interested in rural housing. There are four types of membership:

IndividualOpen to anyone with an interest in rural housing.£10/yr
CommunityOpen to community organisations such as development trusts and community councils.£25/yr
RepresentativeOpen to local/regional housing associations, local voluntary organisations and rural estates/ business.£50/yr
AssociateOpen to local authorities, national housing associations, national voluntary organisations, Scottish Government, government agencies and private companies£100/yr

Become a member

You can now pay for your membership using a credit or debit card – pay online now.

To pay by invoice or bank transfer, please complete our membership form.

Members help direct the work of the Rural Housing Scotland and receive discounted rates at our conference and seminars. Associate and Representative members receive reduced rates for rural strategy development and research.

Associate members do not have voting rights. Individual and Representative members are entitled to vote at general meetings, to stand for and elect the management committee.

All members will receive regular newsletters and e-mail bulletins, other material produced by RHS and discounts to attend meetings and seminars. Members will be placed on the RHS mailing list and be consulted in drawing up RHS policy and responses to consultation documents.