The Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill was introduced to parliament by Alex Neil MSP on 7 October 2015. The bill aims to give more security and predictability to tenants and should protect roughly 700,000 people from unfair eviction. The bill also aims to protect landlords through modernised initiatives to for repossession.

The Bill was passed by Parliament on 17 March 2016 and includes;

  • A new tenancy, Scottish Private Residential Tenancy (SPRT) to replace the Short Assured Tenancy and Assured Tenancy
  • Tenancy agreements excluded from the effects of the Act ¬†include; agricultural tenancies of <2 acres, social housing tenancies and holiday lets
  • One notice to leave required and tenants are only required to give 4 weeks notice
  • There are prescribed grounds for repossession
  • If landlord has grounds for repossession, there are different notice periods depending on the length of tenancy
  • Landlords must give 3 months notice of a rent increase and rent reviews must only take place once a year
  • Local authorities can apply to Ministers to designate areas as rent pressure zones

How did Rural Housing Scotland respond to the consultation?

To view Rural Housing Scotland’s response to the 2014 consultation, click here.

What next?

The Scottish Government are currently consulting on the new legislation and further changes to support it. For more information and to take part, click here.

To read the Scottish Land & Estates Rural Blog by Policy Officer, Katy Dickson, about how the policy was made, click here.