About Rural Housing Scotland

Rural Housing Scotland helps rural communities to take practical action to address local housing needs and build sustainable rural communities. We provide expert support to communities from initial feasibility – helping communities identify the need and develop a solution – through to the construction of affordable homes. We help communities secure affordable housing through community trusts and to work in partnership with government, landowners, and housing associations to deliver more affordable housing options.

We help people in rural areas with advice and information on rural housing options; promoting the uptake of grants and helping them find affordable rented housing.We work with communities across Scotland and have helped rural communities from Fetlar in Shetland to Foulden on the border.

Alongside our practical work with rural communities, Rural Housing Scotland plays a key role in the development of rural housing policy; building on our links with communities to highlight the extent and nature of rural housing issues to policy and decision makers.

Rural Housing Scotland has been active in supporting rural communities since 1993. For the majority of this time it has operated with one member of staff, but has made an impact on the lives of people in communities across Scotland far beyond its size. See our Who We Are section for information on our current staff and Board.