Croft House Grant Scheme

Changes to the Croft House Grant Scheme were announced by the Scottish Government in February 2016 and will go live from 1 April 2016. Crofters will be able to apply for up to £28,000, or £38,000 if they live on an island or in a specified mainland area.  Dr Aileen McLeod MSP said; “Good quality housing is essential to help attract and retain people in Scotland’s most remote and rural island communities and to help crofters fulfil their duty of living on or close to their croft.”
The reforms have come after extensive consultation by the Scottish Government in 2015 and the support consists of a New House Grant and a Rebuilding and Improvement Grant.

Do you have a croft or just want to find out more?

To read the full scheme guidance, book an appointment with an advisor or to make an application, visit the Rural Payments website here.
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