Developing affordable rural housing

Roof TrussesThriving rural communities are a key part of a healthy society, contributing to the wellbeing and economic activity of the country and sustaining unique cultures and environments. These communities require the same basic infrastructure as anywhere else in order to survive and grow and adequate, affordable housing is at the heart of this.

Many rural residents recognise that the lack of affordable housing has multiple impacts on the sustainability of their communities, affecting the opportunities for economic growth, service provision in their area, and the viability of local schools and the transport links to name but a few. Whilst affordable housing is sometimes available via Housing Associations or self build opportunities, there is still a great demand for more affordable housing in many areas, and many communities are looking at ways they can help develop this.

How we can help

Over the last 20 years we have worked with a range of communities across rural Scotland to develop a community-led response to housing needs in their area.

If you are looking at ways to tackle a shortage of affordable housing in your area, we can help. You can start by checking out our advice on:

You can also find out more information on the following topics in the webinar section of we website where recordings of online presentations from experts are available:

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