Ulva Ferry Phase 2

Following on from the success of the Ulva Ferry housing project (Sealladh Loch Tuath), Mull and Iona Community Trust (along with Ulva School Community Association) began discussions on a “Phase 2” project. This involved potentially developing three new units at a separate site (subject to feasibility) and the potential for developing on a site already owned by MICT.

Since the winter of 2017, MICT have been investigating the feasibility of developing further affordable housing on the potential new site before purchasing the land. Running parallel to the feasibility study of developing the site, Our Island Home conducted a Housing Needs Survey for the area.

The findings of the HNS provided a clear housing need that could only be met through new builds and not by the current housing stock in the area.

Our Island Home continue to work closely with MICT offering advice and assistance on this project. Updates to follow as the project progresses.