We are delighted to be working with Tarland Development Group (TDG) on a12-month project aimed at taking steps towards developing new, affordable housing in the Aberdeenshire village.

RHS Development Officer, Sam Foster, will be working with TDG and the wider community of Tarland from June 2020 to establish a dedicated group aimed at delivering much-needed high-quality affordable housing in the village. As an experienced architect with a passion for sustainable development, and experience of working on RHS projects in Braemar and Lismore, Sam brings a wealth of knowledge to this new venture.

Like many parts of rural Scotland, Tarland has suffered from the twin challenges of under-investment in affordable housing and increasing levels of commuting to towns and cities. This has pushed up house prices to more than seven times the average income.

Tarland is a prime example of an area which could benefit hugely from more affordable housing and we look forward to working with local residents to explore the best ways to address the local housing need and help ensure a sustainable and thriving future for the village.

Project update

September 2020: We are looking for people to join the group – especially if you are looking for a home in Tarland or if you have skills and experience in construction and housing. Over the next few months the group will be:

  1. updating the list of who needs housing and what kind;
  2. making sure the project can be funded;
  3. reviewing the optimum number of homes to build on the Village Farm site within funding constraints;
  4. forming a new legal body to take the project forward and get affordable, beautiful, low-carbon homes built!