Rural Voices Videos

In order to keep real people’s voices at the heart of our 2021 Rural Housing Summit we’re looking for individuals and community groups to help us create a series of short ‘rural voices’ videos highlighting the impact the rural housing crisis is having on real lives, and the ways people are tackling housing need in their communities.

We want to hear from:

  • individuals / couples / families in rural Scotland who have been affected by the housing crisis and are happy to tell us about the impacts this has had on their lives;
  • communities in rural Scotland working on community-led housing projects at any stage of development (build or renovation) who are happy to talk about the projects they are working on and the needs they are trying to address.

We’d like to work with you to create a series of short videos exploring the issues faced and the action being taken to tackle them. Videos can be shot on any smart phone.

You will be invited to join an online training session (see below) with a film maker to provide you with some pointers on making your video and then have until 11th January to record a series of short clips about you or your project. Our film maker will use these clips to create the series of short videos which will be published across the Summit week.

Online training and info sessions are available on either 6pm on 14th Dec or 10am on 17th Dec. More than one person can attend bearing in mind the person filming may not be the person in front of the camera (but it is fine either way).

To find out more or indicate your interest in taking part please email

The Rural Housing Summit is brought to you by Rural Housing Scotland with support from UN-Habitat
and sponsorship from Ecology Building Society.