Rural Housing Scotland advised the local community on their options to improve the island’s housing if the community bought the island.

This was followed by research into housing needs on the island which highlighted that almost one third of the islands households (15) had an additional household living c/o. This research led to the development of 18 new affordable homes on the island by Fyne Homes Housing Association.

“The work of Rural Housing Scotland in undertaking the Housing Options Paper for Gigha and a subsequent Housing Needs Analysis was crucial to our development of a comprehensive housing policy. In conducting his work I was very impressed with their thoroughness, ability to communicate well with islanders and the strength of their analysis and I have recommended the Rural Housing Scotlandvto colleagues working in various communities throughout Argyll, the Highlands and Islands…the fact that the Rural Housing Scotland is independent of a housing provider and seen therefore as impartial is also a strength. A fact that was recognised here on Gigha”

Alan Hobbett Development Manager, Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust 2001-2004