2020 conference: Depopulation / Repopulation

Wendy Reid, Isle of Ulva Development Manager
Andrew Copus, James Hutton Institute

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Depopulation – Andrew Copus

Research from the James Hutton Institute demonstrated that sparsely populated island and rural communities are facing a demographic time bomb which threatens the sustainability of many communities. The research highlights a projected decline in overall rural population with most of this fall within the working age population and an increase in the proportion of older people. How can we ensure that there are opportunities for young people to remain and new households to make their homes in these communities?

Dr Andrew Copus, Research Associate at the James Hutton Institute will highlight this research and its implications for the sustainability of rural communities. 

Repopulation – Wendy Reid 

In 2018 the island of Ulva was bought by the local community; their priority for the island is to enable its sustainable development and increase a population which had declined from over 600 to just 5. The regeneration of the community will involve the renovation and construction of housing, the creation of new business, the development of cultural heritage and its repopulation.

Leading this task and juggling diverse projects from livestock to natural heritage; tourism to crofting is Wendy Reid. Wendy was previously Depute Director at the Development Trust Association Scotland.