On The Road Again…

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been busy getting out and having conversations with new contacts and having new conversations with old contacts.

As you will be aware, Rural Housing Scotland recently announced that we will have a dedicated set of feet on the ground to cover the West Coast from Lochaber to Campbeltown. We are delighted to have received enquiries from all over the new geography!

Over a couple of days we travelled to meet with North Ayrshire Council and Argyll and Bute Council to have a chat about Affordable Housing in Rural Scotland. The meetings were really positive and it is genuinely heartening to see both councils understanding the difficulties in delivering small scale, truly affordable housing in rural Scotland and the Islands but that the delivery of this housing is absolutely vital to the social wellbeing, local economy, sustainability and future of our communities.

We are looking forward to continuing to help facilitate communities, their local authority, RSLs and any and every other interested organisation in working together to help deliver housing where it may be needed but not understood or identified.

Often, access to land can be a barrier and so we are really looking forward to hearing more about Community Landownership in Stirling on the 18th/19th May at the annual Community Land Scotland Conference. If you see us at our stand or wandering around, come have a chat!